SM1 was established as a brand in 2012 and ever since we have made our place in the market. We are just a company working to serve the purpose of marketing for brands and companies that want to reach out to a large number of people.



In the beginning,  SM1 started off as a few colleagues that were asked to help promote a local social club. We realize with no real cash to get big advertisement they would have to resort to word of mouth. Although they we some success, they quickly realize that it was more effective to actually use social media to contact more people at any given time. 

The power of social media is more then we imagine. We put in mind the fact that instead of people advertising through bill boards and flyers they can use the power and accessibility of social media to reach out to a large number of people personally.  This platform was developed to give small business a voice in the market to show what they are offering. Over these years we have successfully entertained the needs of many small business and advertised them on a large scale.

We consider our customers to be our partners because it is their trust and belief in us and our work that encourages us to do our work successfully. We have a great team consisting of people who have experience in various fields like engineering, marketing, architecture and business. Hence we have the right knowledge on how to convince people and make customers for you in the market. Our marketing strategies are replete with creativity and exposure so wherever we send a message we make sure its heard and it gains the right amount of attention. Its not just about using the social media for marketing purposes but it’s about how efficiently and effectively do you use it. We have the means and ways of reaching out to the people and that too in great numbers.




Our Design Partner 

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